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LYRI Funeral Home Kallithea Attica


It is the desire of many people after they pass away to be buried in their place or country of origin. The procedures that must be done in order to be able to realize this wish are many and difficult for people who have lost their loved one.

The "LYRI" funeral home, which is located in Kallithea, Attica, is responsible for transporting the body from Greece to any foreign country, as well as the reverse process. It also undertakes body transfers within the country, between all cities and regions.

With the luxury hearses at our disposal, we are able to cover any destination that is requested of us. Always with respect for the difficult moment you are experiencing, we transport the body of your loved one anywhere in Greece or abroad.




We have the ability to transport by road, where possible, but also by air or sea if the distance is long. We work with international funeral homes from all over the world, thus satisfying all the clients who trust us.

Our experienced and specialized staff will undertake the processing of the necessary supporting documents necessary for the process of repatriation of the body, always respecting the religious requirements of the deceased and faithfully following the regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the The European Union.


You can simply contact us and we will take care of everything related to the transportation or repatriation of the body, as well as the rest of the procedures.

The funeral home "LYRI" which is located in Kallithea Attica, operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is at your disposal to help you by giving you advice and information about the procedures with a simple phone call.