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"LYRI" Funeral Home Kallithea Attica


The memorial service, according to our traditions, is a religious ceremony of outstanding importance that has the same importance as a funeral. The church considers the memorial service very important for the repose of the soul of the deceased, while at the same time it gives the opportunity to friends and relatives who could not attend the funeral, to honor the memory of the deceased.

The main commemorations that are usually held are those of 40 days, the 1st year and the 3 years since the funeral.

The "LYRI" funeral home, located in Kallithea Attica, can organize any kind of memorial service that you wish to hold with absolute respect for your needs but also for the memory of your loved one.




Working with the best professionals in the field, in matters related to graves and plaque decoration, we can undertake from the first to the final stage all the procedures related to the memorial service of your loved one.

We plan the memorial services you want in a parish or cemetery in good time and we print and post the notices for the memorial service.


Our experienced and specialized staff is always at your disposal and ready to suggest and advise you competently regarding the realization of the memorial service for your own person, with respect, discretion and sensitivity.

The funeral home "LYRI" which is located in Kallithea Attica, operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is at your disposal to help you by giving you advice and information about the procedures with a simple phone call.