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LYRI Funeral Home Kallithea Attica


Since March 15, 2006, our country follows the legislation of all EU member countries. on cremation satisfying the request of a large number of citizens.

The "LYRI" funeral home, which is located in Kallithea Attica, completely respecting the religious or personal beliefs of every person, supports any choice you make and undertakes the cremation of your loved one.

With the responsibility and respect that has governed us all these years, we undertake all the necessary actions needed so that the cremation of the body is carried out with impeccable and unquestionable professionalism.




Cremation takes place at the Ritsona Cremation Center. The body is accompanied by our office manager who personally supervises so that everything is done according to your wishes, while allowing the family to attend the process if they wish.

I take care of all the bureaucratic matters, insurance procedures (documents, services, etc.) so that the cremation of the body can take place.


A condition for cremation is the previous explicit, unconditional, statement of the deceased about his relative wish or a corresponding statement of his relatives, by blood or blood, up to the fourth degree.

The funeral home "LYRI" which is located in Kallithea Attica, operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is at your disposal to help you by giving you advice and information about the procedures with a simple phone call.